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Wyvnern's Plague - eBook Cover.jpg

A standalone story from the Annals of Dorohin.


Ten clans live on the island nation of Dorohin, with the power to shapeshift into reptilian colossi. The Dragon clan rules all, but the jealous Ryu clan seeks after the emperor's throne which was once rightfully theirs.

Caught in between them is Iris, an ordinary girl of a lesser clan. The Plague stole her mother from her, leaving her orphaned and homeless. However, in a moment of crisis, she discovers she is a half-Dragon shapeshifter known as a Wyvern. She is soon scooped up to become the heir of the childless Wyvern Lord Senbi, who defends the Dragon clan’s border.

Lord Senbi is under imminent threat from the zealous General Kenzo of the Ryu clan, and Iris is hardly welcome as an illegitimate child whose mother hails from lesser blood. To Iris, though, anything is better than a life on the streets. She will not only learn to master her Wyvern form, but she may turn out to be the missing piece needed to hold back the tide of war.

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