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Get a quick peek at premise for my next work! THE EYE OF THE MOON is another new book which will be released later this year.

ebook cover.jpg

Light has strangled darkness. The sun god has slain the moon demon, and the Dominion of Light has been ushered in her absence. Anyone born with the demon’s magic is sent into exile on hellish, frozen islands to live in laborious penitence.

Makar has been in exile for 40 years when he is suddenly visited by the dead demon herself. She bestows upon him Shadebinding: the ability to manipulate his shadow to touch, feel, and kill. Shadow magic is an absolute evil, and the Dominion kills all Shadebinders. Makar could exploit it to free his people, but he may condemn their souls to damnation in the process.

On the mainland, Faina is a Dominion interrogator investigating the sudden manifestation of Shadebinding in non-magical citizens. This influx of demonic power threatens to throw the entire Dominion into chaos unless she can expose those who conspire to ignite civil war. Her Truthseeing magic allows her to detect lies and hidden darkness in others. She cannot allow the moon demon to reclaim power in the world. Long live the Dominion of Light!

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