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There are ten Draconian clans on the island of Dorohin. The six ruling clans are the flighted ones of the Dragon, Ryu, Wyvern, Amp, Qet, and Cockatrice. Subservient to them are the four flightless clans of the Drake, Hydra, Lindwurm, and Wyrm. They were brought into being by their shared ancestor, the great Divine Serpent.

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The Divine Serpent


The creator of Dorohin who raised the island out of the sea, and the primal ancestor of all Draconians.

He is the direct ancestor of Dragons, Ryus, and Wyrms, which were created from his essence to protect Dorohin from foreign invasion and cultivate the island in his absence.



Province: Dragonholm


A pure vessel of the Divine Serpent. Dragons became the ruling clan of Dorohin after they overthrew the Ryu clan. To accomplish this, they spawned the half-breed clans, intermingling with various other creatures such as Wyrms to create more hybrids so they could outnumber the Ryus.

To further secure their reign, they have promoted infighting among the clans for centuries.

The Dragon Emperor rules all.



Province: Ryurando


A pure vessel of the Divine Serpent. The Ryus are the second most powerful clan on Dorohin.


They are the chief rival of the Dragons, and used to rule before they were overthrown by the Dragons many centuries ago. They avoided infighting and have been saving their power and resources in the hopes of reclaiming the throne.



Province: All

A pure vessel of the Divine Serpent. Wyrms were tasked with the  cultivation of Dorohin while the Dragon and Ryu clans fought off invaders.


They sit at the absolute bottom of the clan hierarchy and have been regularly exploited by the superior clans ever since due to their lowly nature and lack of fighting ability.



Province: The Eyrie


Known as Amps for short.

Amphitheres are the result of inbreeding from a degenerate Wyvern clan, who eventually lost their remaining two limbs and were cast out. However, the Amphitheres were still strong enough to retain a powerful position as a ruling clan, albeit lower than a Wyvern, thanks to their incredible speed in the air. 



Province: Vernshire

Wyverns were the first half-breed clan to be created, from the union of a Wyrm and a Dragon. They are the Dragons' favored clan, but also act as the bulk of their military force.


For many centuries they have been a buffer between Ryus and Dragons, always keeping the Ryus at bay from reclaiming their throne.



Province: Basile

Cockatrice are thought poorly of even by the unwinged, servantile clans which are technically beneath them. They have a reputation for both cunning and brutality. They have a fierce rivarly with the Qets, the only other feathered Draconian.


Their province of Basile is the smallest on Dorohin, and was wrenched away from the neighboring provinces of Qechantli, Vernshire, and the Eyrie to form the Cockatrices' home.



Province: Qechantli


Known as Qets for short.

Qetzalcoatls are descended from a Great Macaw who visited Dorohin and found favor with the Dragon Emperor due to her beauty. Their offspring where the first of the Qet clan. Due to their favorable relation with the Dragons and their ability to fly, Qets were able to secure a position as a ruling clan of Dorohin.



Province: Dragonholm

Drakes are descended from a crippled Dragon prince who was born without wings.


They are the oldest mutation of the Dragons, even older than Wyverns, and predate the Dragons taking over control of Dorohin from the Ryus. However, due to the Wyverns' higher status as flyers, this history is not well-known or dismissed as propaganda.

They almost exlusively serve the Dragon clan.



Province: Primarily Vernshire


Lindwurms are a sub-hybrid species of Wyverns and Wyrms. They were swiftly subjugated by the Wyverns due to their lack of flight.


They are the most impure of Dragon hybrids, since they are not a direct descendent of Dragons, being three-fourths Wyrm and only one-fourth Dragon. Their relation to Wyverns is similar to that of the relation between Dragons and Drakes.



Province: Primarily Basile

Hydras possess monstrous strength and are the result of a Draconian spirit being split among a set of twins or triplets. Hydras have a very high likelihood of giving birth to more twins and triplets. Due to this, their population is strictly controlled by other clans, and they have the lowest overall population among Draconians.

Thanks to their regenerative abilities, Hydras are often used as guards for important treasures of the ruling clans. They also make for powerful swimmers, and are used to pull ships along the Belfry River upstream.

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