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ANNALS OF DOROHIN - Anthology Series

Enter the world of the reptilian titans. The island nation of Dorohin is divided by ten clans, with Dragons at the top and Wyrms at the very bottom. Those who fly, rule, and those who cannot, serve.

First Release - Wyvern's Plague, 4/15/2024

Wyvnern's Plague - eBook Cover.jpg

TENEBRIA - Trilogy (Coming Soon)

An empire of sunlight rules the world after the sun god slew the moon demon. Now her people live in exile in hellish, frozen islands. One revolutionary slave will rediscover the power of the demon, meanwhile an imperial interrogator will do everything she can to suppress it. It turns out that the moon demon may not be as dead as the world believed.

First Release - The Eye of the Moon, Fall 2024

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HAVEN OF EMBERS - Illustrated Trilogy (Coming Soon)

Abby wakes up on a tropical beach knowing only two things: her memory is gone, and she is not quite human. A hungry, crimson flame dwells within her, scarring her skin and begging to be unleashed. Her relationship with Kanoa, a formerly promising pianist fallen on hard times after his family's death, proves vital to reviving his passion for life, as well as creating a whole one life for herself. But the crimson flame has a will of its own.

First Release - 2025

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